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26 Jul

Sleep Tight and Comfy…even after you leave

LinDesignFifaGreat news for everyone staying with us at Kvosin Hotel. We have finally made the jump and partnered up with Lín Design to handle all our duvet cover needs. It´s not like we have been getting complaints about the quality of our linen but we wanted to take the next step and make it a special experience with a local touch. That means that now we no longer have the boring plain white linen on our beds. We now have Icelandic Cotton Grass woven into the 350 thread count Pima cotton covers. This is taking the Reykjavík Life experience of staying with us to the next level.\r\n\r\nHere is the cherry on top, you can purchase the same linen from our Kvosin Kiosk, taking the perfect sleep you get with us, back home with you. In the first couple of weeks of having this available to our guests, we have been very surprised by the popularity, adding Stráin (Blades) to our stock for some variety acheter du cialis 5. The folks at Lín Design are also great at delivering any of the other 2 types of covers on offer if you prefer them within a business day. It seems that besides water and parking, luxury linen is now completing the triangle of the only things that are cheaper in Iceland then elsewhere.\r\n\r\nWe are excited to be working with another great local company to make our guest experience even more amazing. We hope you enjoy as well.