Klaustur Bar

At Klaustur we are dedicated to the study of wine, hops, and spirits. A klaustur, or cloister, has historically been a physical and activity center for residents. It is a safe, quiet place to learn, reflect, and meet. Klaustur's significance is also its key location at the heart of Reykjavik, sheltered by the Dómkirkja and Alþingi. We proudly serve only the highest quality products, and uphold the highest level of respect for both our guests and our staff. Please join us for a tasteful evening at Klaustur.

The cocktails of Klaustur

We proudly introduce the Klaustur Martini collection. We pick only the freshest fruits and herbs to make our craft martinis using our homemade secret recipes. We are always studying in the Klaustur.

The Wines of Klaustur

Klaustur’s mission is to make quality wines accessible to Iceland. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of wines at modest prices. Our wine list allows guests to enjoy one of our 10 wines by the glass, or to share a bottle with friends and family.

The Beers of Klaustur

Beer played a central historical role for monks, and it is a core element of the Klaustur. We offer a diverse selection of fresh tap beers, including a rotating seasonal beer

Now flowing (draft)

Víking Gylltur
Einstök White Ale
Einstök Pale Ale

Now popping (bottled)

Einstök Toasted Porter
Corona Extra
Crabbie´s Ginger Beer

Einstök Arctic Berry